Wheelchair Accessible Portable Restroom

This unit provides convenient access for persons who would like a larger portable restroom, it has also been successfully used by patrons in wheelchairs although it is not ADA-approved. This unit includes full width handrail assemblies that overlap most of the corners, adding strength and stability.

Wheelchair Accessible Porta Potty Inside               Wheelchair Accessible Porta Potty Front

  Interior Exterior
Height 82.5” 86.5”
Base 58.5” x 58.5” 61” x 61”
Door Opening   35.5” w x 73.5” h
Roof   61” x 61”
Weight   280 lbs.
Tank Capacity   40 gal
Material   High Molecular Weight Polyethylene







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We take pride in using environmentally friendly and biodegradable products, including 100% recycled toilet paper.

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