Deerfield Beach Porta Potty Rental Tips


Why choose Ideal Site Services for all of your porta potty rentals?

You will be proud to have a portable restroom from us at your site because you will know that our portable restrooms are clean and in good condition.  Our trucks are always kept up to date and you will not have to worry about your porta potty not being delivered, picked up, or cleaned on time.  Most importantly the waste you are entrusting us with will be disposed of properly.  Call us @ 954-524-6004!

Why is it called a porta potty?

Portable toilets are referred to as “porta potties” because they are just that, portable toilets.  The porta potty is self contained and does not need any special plumbing to accommodate it.  The porta potty is placed where you would like it, keeping in mind that a truck needs be able to reach it and clean it, and is 100% self contained.  

Porta potties are also referred to as the following: portable toilet, portable toilets, portable restroom, portable restrooms, portable potty, portable potties, porta john, porta johns, porta jane, porta janes, porta a potty, construction toilet, event toilet, etc.

Why choose a local porta potty rental company and not a National Broker?

Ideal Site Services is a locally owned and operated company that lives up to our motto: “Punctual – Competitive – Professional” we make sure that we deliver on time and do what we promise, Call us @ 954-524-6004 – you will be glad you did!

You can save time and money by renting from a local company!  When renting from a National Broker you take the risk of not getting what you have asked for and paying extra so they can skim off the top.  There is no way for the Broker to know the schedule of the vendor they are out sourcing your order to, the company that they are out sourcing could already have a full schedule, by the time you are notified, if you are notified you will have wasted hours.. 

Be careful of whom you are renting from, these brokers often portray themselves as being a LOCAL portable restroom company, but they are actually an out of state middleman that takes your order then out sources it to a local company.  Most of the time when there is a problem the broker can’t be found.

What determines the price of my porta potty rental?

Porta potty rental prices depend on the type of toilet you are ordering: Construction or Event, and how often you will have it cleaned. 

Call one of our experienced representatives for porta potty pricing and we will make sure you are quoted the most competitive price in the market.  Call us @ 954-524-6004!

Can I rent a porta potty for an event?

Yes!  We have event grade portable toilets that are only reserved for special events and parties, these toilets have never been used at a construction site.  Even for events at your home it may be worth getting an additional restroom for your guests.  If it is a large gathering you can help eliminate any plumbing issues that could occur, maybe it is located outside, or if you simply do not want your guests walking through the house.  Call and speak to one of our representatives to help decide how many portable restrooms you will need for your event.  Call us @ 954-524-6004!

Click here to view our portable restroom planning guide

How many porta potties should I rent?

If you are planning an event, the number of portable restrooms needed is based on how many people will be attending the event, how many hours it will last and if there are other available restrooms for use at your event site.  View our Portable Restroom Planning Guide to help you decide how many porta potties you will need.

If you need a portable restroom for a construction site, we recommend 1 portable restroom for every 10 workers in a 40 hour work weeks.  

Call and speak to one of our representatives to help decide how many portable restrooms you will need.  Call us @ 954-524-6004!

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