Briny Breeze Dumpster Rental Tips

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Renting a roll off container (dumpster) from Ideal Site Services will be simple.  Our representatives will make sure they take your order answering all of your questions and handling all of the details to make the process go smooth, Call 954-524-6004!

Why choose Ideal Site Services for all of your debris removal needs?

You will be proud to have a container from us at your site because you will know that our containers are always in good working order, they keep your site clean and orderly.  Our fleet of trucks is always kept up to date and you will not have to worry about your container not being delivered or picked up on time.  Most importantly the debris you are entrusting us with will be recycled and disposed of properly.  Call us @ 954-524-6004!

Why should I rent from a local hauler and not a National Broker?

Ideal Site Services is a locally owned and operated hauler that lives up to our motto: “Punctual – Competitive – Professional” we make sure that we deliver on time and do what we promise, Call us @ 954-524-6004 – you will be glad you did!

When renting from a National Broker you take the risk of not getting what you have asked for.  There is no way for the Broker to know the schedule of the vendor they are out sourcing your order to, the hauler that they are out sourcing could already have a full schedule, by the time you are notified, if you are notified you will have wasted hours.

Be careful of whom you are renting from, these brokers often portray themselves as being a LOCAL dumpster company, but they are actually an out of state middleman that takes your order then out sources it to a local company.  Most of the time when there is a problem the broker can’t be found.

National Brokers that do not actually have a presence are: Easy Dumpster Rental, Book A Dumpster, Dumpsters Direct, Miami Florida Dumpster Rental, Dumpster Management, Local Dumpster Rental, Premier Dumpster Rental, Dumpster Central, Budget Dumpster and more.

What dumpster size is correct for me?  Which one should I rent?

Dumpster sizes are described by the number of cubic yards that they hold within the actual container.  So a “20 yard dumpster” will hold 20 cubic yards of trash.  The dumpster sizes we offer are 10 cubic yards, 20 cubic yards, 30 cubic yards and 40 cubic yards.  The typical size dumpster that you see at a construction site is a 20 cubic yard dumpster.   These are the most common as they are the most convenient to fill with trash, and they are the best bang for your buck.

If you refer to our “overview” page you will be able to get an idea of each size of the dumpsters we offer.  We list them in both the cubic yards that they will hold and in feet (length X width X height) to help you better understand the size of the container and be able to judge which will be best for your project.  It can be tricky at times, so please feel free to call us for advice on which dumpster is best for you.

Click here for a better understanding on dumpster sizes

What determines the price of the dumpster rental?  What is the final price of the dumpster that I am renting?

At Ideal Site Services, we offer flat fee dumpster rentals.  Most other companies will offer you a low up front rate and then stick it to you with their “fuel surcharges”, or their “over weight fees”.  Ideal Site Services offers FLAT RATES – NO FUEL SURCHARGES – NO OVERAGES!

Dumpster rental prices depend on the type of trash you are disposing of, and the area in which you are requesting service.  Keep in mind Ideal Site Services charges a flat rate, most other companies have fuel surcharges, while some others charge a delivery / pick up fee separately or even for being over a certain tonnage.

Call one of our experienced representatives for accurate dumpster pricing and we will make sure you are quoted the most competitive price in the market.  Call us @ 954-524-6004!

When you are calling around different dumpster companies, be sure to understand and ask them if their price is a flat fee or what additional charges are applied.  The most common additional charges include: Fuel Surcharges, Weight Overages, Delivery Fees, Brokers Fees, Etc.

Click here for a understanding of our Load Descriptions

What happens to the trash that I am disposing of?

Ideal Site Services is proud to partner with the proper recycling facilities to handle all of the debris that we collect.  These facilities recycle up to 90% of the trash that we bring to them.  At these state of the art facilities the debris is sorted on a conveyor belt into “bins” where they are later processed again to be recycled. 

Ideal Site Services ensures that all of the debris you dispose of is taken to a licensed recycling facility that will properly recycle of dispose of your trash.  You won’t have to worry that your trash is going straight to a county landfill or being dumped illegally somewhere.  All of our loads are properly manifested and records are kept.

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